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The Sailor Moon S and Supers seasons are being dubbed by Cloverway, a division of Toei, and Optimum Productions. In the US, they're being exclusively shown on Cartoon Network. Currently being shown is the Supers season in a 4:30pm Eastern timeslot. They've kept more things intact than DiC did, but have no qualms about orientation or gender switching. For more information on a specific season, please select the links below.

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon Supers


Anime Dub Dictionary
A lexicon for the dub impaired.
Sailor Akugi
Fun with screen captures.


Reeny Rocks
I'm going to admit to something really terrible. I like Reeny's voice. Her new voice that is. Her voice actor makes her sound adorable. Read more...


Joxer: Warrior Prince
What will stop the bastardizing of Japanese cartoons here in North America? [...] To wreck perfectly good female role models is unforgiveable. Read more...
The De-Gaying of Anime
Why can't we have gay characters in our anime? Read more...
Sailor Moon Phone Sex
Sailor Moon Fan Club phone number is now phone sex service. Read more...

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