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Quoted Email - 8/5/00

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From: "Carol"

To: flaminggeeks@yahoo.com

Subject: Correction

Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 10:20:48 -0700

I would like to correct on something. Zoisite was changed to a female in the original Japanese show because in the Manga begining Sailor Mecury and Zoisite were an Item before the end of the silver millenium. It made more sense for Zoisite to be female than for Ami to have been the only Senshi to undergo a personality change over time by becoming straight. I have seen the original Jap and no this to be true. Zoisite was only male in the manga.

Robert Hart


My first thought is.. you're tripping. My second thought is.. what in Trista's name are you talking about? My third thought is.. maybe I can set you straight, so I'll try. There is a manga artbook picture matching the 4 generals/kings with the 4 inner senshi. But this doesn't actually appear in the manga story itself. Even if it did, then I don't see how Ami would be anything but straight. Ami's a girl, Zoisite's a boy. There is no canonical storyline evidence that any of the inner senshi are anything but straight. (Though there are a few interesting pictures of various pairs of them. Including Usagi groping Minako.)

At any rate, in the anime, Zoisite is involved with Kunzite and no one else. I assure you, Zoisite is male. Kunzite is male. Heck, in the French version, they turned them into brothers. Zoisite is only female in the English, DiC, version of the anime. (Numerous instances of Zoisite crossdressing notwithstanding.) No one who had actually seen the Japanese original could think Zoisite was female, because his voice actor is unquestionably male.

- J. Andrews

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