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Quoted Emails - 8/2/00

These Emails we felt required a longer reply, and we quote them so people understand what we're replying too. If you wouldn't like your Email quoted, please tell us. We've stripped out the Email addresses, because we don't want to see people spammed.

From: "Geisha Princess Jeannette Dyer"

To: flaminggeeks@yahoo.com

Subject: Arigato!

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 00:40:38 +1000

I'm the Technoscout of Justice, Sailor Anastasia, aka Neo-Kabuki Jeannette Dyer, ruler of the Ranmaland (Crystal Nerima) Prefecture of my Crystal Kingdom, and let's say I agree with you 100% on the fact that we moonies must fight back! This is the new millenium, so get used to gay and lesbian anime peeps! When I heard DIC made me and Trista (Sailor Pluto) cousins, I WAS SO OUTRAGED!! Trista was my first true lesbian lover in my part of the Princesses' Court in the ol' Moon Kingdom before the Negaverse attacked and me and my bro, Prince Jeffrey had to follow our friends to present day Earth, so Trista and I had to part company for a while, but I told her I loved her and with tears streaking our faces, we'd meet again soon. At least Serena, Molly Baker and Miss Patricia Haruna kept me company. And why do I wanna date Miss Haruna? (She's a sexy teacher! And so smart, too!)

PS. One more thing we should worry about than the new-improved Negaverse: it's the peeps who wanna de-gay anime and tell me and Trista: "Ah ah ah! Not in front of the kiddies, ladies. They're gonna get ideas.

PPS. Email me back! Ja ne!

Jeannette Dyer,

Trista Meiou's Hot

Lesbian Lover.


I am not, never have been, and never will be a Moonie. Although I have seen a compound of the followers of Sun Myung Moon, or at least, my parents tell me that's what it was. And I know not this 'Negaverse' of which you speak.

- J. Andrews

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