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Report - Card Captor Sakura on North American Television
By J. Andrews

The anime series Card Captor Sakura is going to begin airing on the WB Network starting June 17th with the new title Cardcaptors. Commercials for it are currently being aired during Pokemon episodes, and possibly also during other cartoon shows. Several people have "captured" it and put it online, and an mpeg can be found here.

The series as it will appear on the WB will start with episode 8, which is the first episode where Li Syaoran makes his appearance. Since the show is being called Cardcaptors, it's being speculated that they're starting with this episode to beef up Li-kun's role in the hopes of appealing to both boys and girls.

At least they appear to be keeping the original Japanese names. Earlier reports had them changing Sakura's name to Nikki. Unfortunately, the announcer in the commercial couldn't manage to pronounce Sakura's name correctly. Hopefully, it was just his problem and the actual voice actors got it right. We shall see.

The company producing this dub is Nelvana, a Canadian company responsible for such shows as Bob and Margaret. They have promised a DVD release for anime fans who cringe at the idea of dubbing and hacking. We can only hope this promise is fulfilled.

Nelvana also has merchandising rights in North America. So be on the lookout for Cardcaptors toys, cards, and whatnot soon. Will the hot toy this Christmas be Kero-chan? Will the toy have a cheesy English voice? Cringe.

We will watch. And we will see.

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