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Watching anime dubs on TV can be confusing. That's why we've provided you with this handy dictionary to help wade your way through all the technical jargon. Anime in which these terms appear are indicated in parantheses. Don't be surprised if you see them showing up in other series too.

Relationships - Gay, Straight, and Otherwise

Cousin - Koibito, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, etc.. (SM, CC)
Girl - A boy in a dress (SM)
New best friend - Crush (SM)
Hunkasaurus - Bishounen (SM)
Spider Stretch - Goosing, Butt-Pinching (SM)
I'm not trying to challenge you - I know you want Yuki too (CC)
Brad - Haruka (SM)
Mike - Haruka (SM)
Michelle's old boyfriend - Haruka (SM)
Let's do it to it! - Come on, Haruka, let's get this over with so we can go make out.(SM)

Killing and Dying

Destroy - Kill (GW)
Destroyed - Dead (GW)
Another Dimension - Dead (DBZ)
Parachutes - Dead (DBZ)

What's In a Name?

Squirt - Kaijuu, Monster (CC)
SaKOOra - Sakura, Cherry Blossom (CC)
Meatballhead - Odango Atama, Dumpling Head, Term of Endearment (SM)
Moonface - A completely coincidental insult that has nothing to do with secret identity (SM)


Strange Symbols - Hiragana (SM)
French - English, Eigo (SM)


Bathing Suit - Birthday Suit (Tenchi)
Scream Insanely - what you do when someone sees you in your bathing suit(Tenchi)

Strong Women

Social Failure - Famous Musician, Brilliant Artist, Very Cool Person (SM)
Not Good Enough - I'm just a girl (SM)
I got this design out of a magazine - I'm just a girl (CC)

Technical Terms

Orbit - Flight path (DBZ)
X Word - Exams (SM)
Power level - meaningless arbitrary number (DBZ)
Scout - Senshi, soldier (SM)

Food and Drink

Tea - Sake (Tenchi)
Juice - Wine (SM)
Too much juice - Totally smashed (SM)


Purity Chalice, Purity Chalice Thingee - Holy Grail (SM)
Pure Heart Crystals - Talismans (SM)
Ambassador of Good - Messiah (SM)

Acronym Key
SM - Sailor Moon S
CC - Cardcaptors
Tenchi - Tenchi Muyo!
DBZ - Dragonball Z
GW - Gundam Wing

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