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These are not rumors. These are predictions. We base these on experience gained from watching too much television and reading too many books. Probably a little bit of female intuition thrown in to go with it. Will we be right? Time will tell.

Sailor Moon Dub Names

Meiou Setsuna (Predict Date July 4, 2000)

  • JA predicts Susan or Samantha, surely an S.
  • KB is going with Susan all the way.
  • JD is also going with Susan.
  • HD is another vote for Susan, but also Sally.

If majority wins, then it's Susan all the way. But are we right? We should find out Monday, July 10th. Watch Cartoon Network!

We were so wrong. Who could've possibly guessed it'd be Trista? Or is it Trysta? The show isn't closed captioned and the credits are just a list of actors, so we haven't seen this name in print. Trista Meiou, pronounced Trista Mayo. Her henshin phrase is 'Pluto Star Power' and her attack is, 'Pluto Deadly Scream'. And she totally messed it up. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Tomoe Hotaru (Predict Date July 4, 2000)

  • JA predicts Heather or possibly Laura.
  • KB predicts Pikachu or Jennifer.
  • JD has money on Heather or Kate.
  • HD predicts Heather or Holly.

That's three votes for Heather. Are we right? Tune in Wednesday, July 12th to Cartoon Network.

Wrong again. Hotaru got to keep her name. So it's pronounced HoTAru Tomo, but presumably it's spelled correctly. What makes her so special? A couple of theories.. One: She's the only senshi who didn't appear in the movies, so they weren't under any contract or tradition to stick with a stupid name. Two: The people in charge of naming characters didn't realize she was a senshi until too late -- bad guys and extras get to keep their names, senshi don't. Three: Hotaru is part bad guy and part good guy, so she got to keep her name following the bad guy rule.

Whatever the reason, it's just plain weird. But we certainly can't complain. Her name is mispronounced, but at least she's no SaKOOra or Kiro.


We're predicting a wedding for November sweeps and a gory miscarriage for February. Whose wedding? Mark and Lizzy of course. Whose miscarriage? Theirs again. You know Mark Greene has that bullseye painted on him. Corday's own fault for getting hitched to him. (Predicted 7/4/00)

KB says, and JD agrees, that Carter and Dr. Dave are going to get together. Deb will think this incredibly amusing, while Cleo will act all jealous when Benton starts pining for Carter. (Predicted 7/4/00)


JD says Mulder is an alien. Maybe that will explain his absence for most of the next season. (Predicted 7/4/00)


Another November sweeps wedding. Next year's cliffhanger, Monica's pregnant! So sayeth KB. (Predicted 7/4/00)

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