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These rumors may be true, they may be false, they may be half-right. That's why they're rumors. Once they're proven either right or wrong, they'll be moved off this page. The date the rumor was submitted follows each entry. The initials are who submitted it.

Anime Rumors

  • The latest in the Mononoke saga is that Disney has cancelled the 8/29 DVD release because of fan outrage at the lack of a Japanese audio track, and they'll be announcing a new date with the japanese track. - July 19, 2000 (KB)
  • Vision of Escaflowne will be shown on Fox Kids starting sometime this fall. - June 17, 2000 (KB)

Star Trek Rumors

  • The next Star Trek series will not feature the adventures of Captain Sulu aboard the USS Excalibur, even though there is a campaign going amongst fans to promote this idea. - June 22, 2000 (JA)
  • The USS Voyager may reach home in the next and final season. If they do it soon enough, we'll get to see the crew readjusting to life in the Alpha Quadrant. I personally hope they do this, it has the potential to be very interesting. - June 22, 2000 (JA)


  • As was so blunderingly reported on the scifi.com BB, there is supposedly a death later on in this season. Right? Well, this question is more difficult than it seems--you see, the person who posted this went to the site of an Asian channel which shows Farscape. This person went to their bulletin board. And this person read a post regarding a death in E:FC. (This person is a little low on brains. Like...um...DUH, chick. Grow a clue, here! What kind of an idiot are you?! Farscape wasn't even being DISCUSSED on that bulletin board! MORON!) - July 2, 2000 (JD)
  • Rumors are now flying that Stark (Phantom of the Opera-lookin' guy) is gonna bite the big one. Dunno. - July 2, 2000 (JD)
  • Bebbe? What bebbe? Seems that Chiana might be having Crichton's kid? Aiya. Aeryn is gonna be PISSED. - July 2, 2000 (JD)
  • Oh, and there may be a new crew member. Big hairy deal. - July 2, 2000 (JD)
  • I heard some disturbing news about Farscape DVDs.. I haven't looked around for any confirmation yet, but word on various mailing lists is that the rights to produce them in the US have been picked up by the evil Microsoft of Anime, ADV. (Yes, they say this on their webpage). I haven't watched my Evangelion DVD yet, but according to everyone who actually knows stuff about DVDs, it's a pretty substandard disc.. - July 3, 2000 (KB)

X-Files Rumors

  • Autolycus as Scully's new partner? Rumor has it he's one of four people being considered for the slot. If Bruce Campbell gets on X-Files, then what's the fate of Jack of All Trades? Other people said to be being considered are: Hart Bochner, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Robert Patrick. - July 19, 2000 (E. Shenton)

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