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Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon S is airing on Cartoon Network weekdays at 4pm Eastern. Check here for reviews and information on changes the dub has made. Read more...
Card Captor Sakura
Cardcaptors is airing on the WB Saturdays at 9:30am Eastern. Check here for reviews on what Nelvana's done to it. Read more...

Rants Rumors
A Cherry Blossom by Any Other Name...

Why this compulsion to change the names of the characters when anime is brought over to North America? We've progressed little since the days of Voltron and Battle of the Planets. Read more...

Pending, Confirmed, Predictions

Rumors and predictions on such diverse subjects as television and more television.

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Reeny Rocks

I'm going to admit to something really terrible. I like Reeny's voice. Her new one that is. Her voice actor makes her sound adorable. Read more...

Big Brother Isn't the Only One Watching

So the premise of Big Brother is they stick 10 strangers in a house with 28 cameras and make them live there for 3 months. Read more...

Ramblings Randomness

It's amazing how people get so close to their pets. These animal entries into households become just as valid as members of the family as that one crazy aunt out in Peoria. Read more...

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Experience the terror of these frightening images. Each more horrible than the last!

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