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X-Files: The Mysterious State of Predictability
Scully's pregnant and other "surprising" plots. June 3, 2000.
In rememberance. June 5, 2000.
Farscape Episode Review - Home on the Remains
The good, the bad, and the ugly. Mushy stuff and monsters. June 20, 2000.
Geek Classification
A short and very candid guide to various types of geeks. July 16, 2000.
Deluded Websites
Some websites are stupid or obnoxious, or sometimes both. July 17, 2000.
J. Dunbar
Fan of Babylon 5, Farscape, fireflies, and My Little Pony figures.

Cardcaptors Episode 1 - Tori! Tori! Tori!
Cuts, changes, and review of the first episode of the Card Captor Sakura dub. June 17, 2000.
Commercial for Stupidity
A lesbian steakhouse, orgasmic shampoo, and a national shortage of forks.. who knew? July 16, 2000
K. Butler
Lover of adorable anime couples (or threesomes), anything CLAMP, and things that go "Oro" in the night.

Card Captor Sakura on North American Television
Information on the Cardcaptors series before it started airing. June 3, 2000.
Sailor Moon S Episode 3 - Suteki na Hunkasaurus! Haruka's Downfall
Viewers of the dub meet Amara and Michelle for the first time. June 15, 2000.
Brad Shrine
Shrine to the Sweetness of Brad. June 16, 2000.
A Cherry Blossom by Any Other Name..
A rant on the name changes in Cardcaptors. June 19, 2000.
J. Andrews
AKA Brad no Miko. Resident hermaphrodite and fan of all cute gender-bending characters, bishounen in glasses, and Koyasu Takehito.
Reeny Rocks
A rave for, of all things, Reeny from Sailor Moon. July 4, 2000.
Big Brother Isn't the Only One Watching
A review of the CBS show, Big Brother. July 5, 2000.
On Search Engines
The progress made on submitting Flaming Geeks to search engines. July 7, 2000.
Sailor Moon S Episode 21 - Cousin Tachi no Shi? Acting Shutsugen
Sailor Pluto's alter-ego shows up, the Messiah is mentioned, the "hand scene", and other goodies. July 10, 2000.
Joxer: Warrior Prince
An essay on the elimination of female role models in anime. July 14, 2000.
Commercials for Stupidity
A lesbian steakhouse, orgasmic shampoo, and a national shortage of forks.. who knew? July 16, 2000
Surfing for the Elite
Enhanced for (insert webbrowser here) leaves everyone else out in the cold. July 16, 2000
The De-gaying of Anime
When gender changing isn't an option, dubbing companies go to greater lengths to keep homosexuality out of their broadcast. July 16, 2000
On Trackers
The difficulties finding a good tracker for this site. July 21, 2000
Book-Buying Online
A few ideas on how to get the best deals on books online. July 23, 2000
Sailor Moon S Episode 17 - Censorship no Kizuna! Uranus no Tooi Cousin
Amara's addiction to speed, Michelle the social failure, and other atrocities. July 23, 2000

Top 5 Book Lists
The top 5 books for reading pleasure as chosen by each of our three contributors.
Anime Dub Dictionary
Learn what those dub terms really mean.
Anime Akugi
The fun that can be had with screen captures.
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