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These rumors have been confirmed to be TRUE. Sources will be cited only when needed. The date the rumor was submitted follows the rumor. Any additional notes are dated the day they were added to this page. The initials are who submitted it.

Anime Rumors

To make the Tenchi Muyo OVA series acceptable to be shown on television, Pioneer had to go in and draw swimsuits on the female characters in a number of scenes. (Tenchi debuts on Cartoon Network on 7/3) - June 17, 2000 (KB)

Sure enough, the bathing suits showed up. They weren't too badly done, but obvious if you knew to look for them. Ayeka got herself a modest suit, while Ryoko's was a bikini. It made the scene a little odd, since Ayeka's all upset and Tenchi's all bloody-nosing for seemingly no reason. So he saw her in a bathing suit, big deal? What I want to know is, why are they wearing swimsuits in a bath? -- July 6, 2000 (JA)

Toonami, Cartoon Network's block of (mostly) anime will be expanding to 3 hours (4-7pm ET) daily starting this July. - June 17, 2000 (KB)

This turned out to be true. Starting Monday, July 3rd, Toonami will be three hours. The lineup is: Sailor Moon S, ReBoot, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and Batman. Four out of six are anime. Not bad. And ReBoot and Batman certainly have things in common with anime. But Batman had been following Gundam Wing anyway, so this Toonami 'expansion' didn't really do much but add Tenchi and give us more of the cheesy Toonami CGI clips. - July 2, 2000 (JA)

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