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Brad Spoilers!

If you don't want to be spoiled, leave now!

Still reading? Well, you've been amply warned. My sources reveal that Brad is none other than Amara herself! Brad is apparently Michelle's pet nickname for her. Isn't it adorable? Here's a paraphrased version of their conversation in the restaurant on the subject of first kisses. Here we can see it was obvious from the very beginning.

Amara: I don't remember my first kiss, it was so long ago.
Michelle: Well, I do. It seems like it was just yesterday. His name was Brad. *insert significant look at Amara*
Michelle: My sweet Brad. *dreamy sigh*

More evidence as it develops! But I trust my sources. For now, compare the picture below, from "Driving Dangerously"/Episode 3, to the 'first kiss' picture on the Shrine page.


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