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On Escaflowne's Removal from FoxKids
by J. Andrews

Thanks go out to kwiknet (We don't post people's Email addresses, so be sure to include a name or nick!) for giving us the heads-up on this. Suddenly Digimon was on 3 times in a row with no Escaflowne and no explanation. We hadn't really thought anything about it until we received Email from a reader of ours. Then I investigated.

Anime News Network is the source of my information from here on in. Scant as it is. Escaflowne has been put on "temporary broadcast hold". What does that mean? It ain't good. My own interpretation would be, "we're cancelling it, but since we own the rights to show it, we may get hard up enough to show it again in the future".

Why? No reason was given. So I'll do some speculating. Its timeslot, frankly, sucked. Wedged between two episodes of Digimon is not the place to put a show with plot continuity that requires a considerable amount of thought to watch. I think it would've done quite well in Toonami, especially near Gundam Wing. They were aiming for the wrong audience, and it's no wonder if it didn't do well.

And, well, frankly the dub sucked. They eliminated episodes and inserted flashbacks wherever the heck they felt like it. This isn't Sailor Moon or even Card Captor Sakura. It's not episodic. You can't just jump in and watch it. Inserting flashbacks is not going to help people who haven't seen the previous episodes follow the story.

FoxKids screwed up. Plain and simple. But they'll probably blame AnimeVillage/Bandai or anime in general. It's a shame too. AnimeVillage is the best commercial subber and dubber in North America.

But what do you think?

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