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This table is accurate to the best of our ability. The links are to our review of the episode. As you can see, the episode titles are pretty much accurate. The differences you see are merely translational idiosyncracies. Bishounen becomes 'young man' to one person and 'Adonis' to another. Strange, since the common translation is 'pretty boy'. Then again, they could've used 'Hunkasaurus', so we shouldn't complain. ;)

Ep #
Dub Title
Japanese Title
Translated Title
1 [ SKIPPED ] Unmei no Kokuhaku Declaration of Destiny
2 Girl From the Mystic Moon Maboroshi no Tsuki no Shoujo The Girl From the Phantom Moon
3 The Gallant Swordsman Kareinaru Kenshi The Handsome Swordsman
4 The Diabolical Adonis Mashou no Bishounen The Diabolical Young Man
5 Seal of the Brothers Kyoudai no Kokuin The Seal of Brothers
6 Sakubou no Miyako The Capital of Intrigue
7 Yokise nu Wakare An Unexpected Parting
8 The Day the Dragon Flew* Tenshi no Mau Hi The Day the Angels Danced
9 The Day the Dragon Flew* Hane no Kioku The Memory of Feathers
10 The Blue-Eyed Prince Aoki Hitomi no Ouji The Blue-Eyed Prince
11 Prophecy of Death Shi no Yogen A Foretelling of Death
12 Himitsu no Tobira The Door of Secrets
13 Akai Unmei Red Destiny
14 Kiken na Kizuato A Dangerous Scar
15 Ushinawareta Rakuen Paradise Lost
16 Michibi Kareshi Mono A Guided People
17 Kono Yo no Hate The Edge of This World
18 Unmei no Inryoku The Pull of Destiny
19 Koi no Ougonritsu Sakusen Golden Rule Strategy of Love
20 Itsuwari no Chigiri False Promise
21 Kouun no Hansayou A Reversal of Fortune
22 Kuroki Tsubasa no Tenshi The Black-Winged Angel
23 Arashi no Yokan A Foretelling of Storms
24 Unmei no Sentaku A Choice of Fates
25 Zettai Kouun Ken The Zone of Absolute Fortune
26 Eien no Omoi Thoughts of Eternity

* These two episodes were meshed together to make one episode.

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