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Cardcaptors is the name of the Candadian dub of CLAMP's Card Captor Sakura. The company doing this production is Nelvana, a name you'll see on quite a number of cartoons. They also have merchandising rights, so expect to see Cardcaptors toys and school supplies in the near future. The series is currently airing on the KidsWB at 9:30am on Saturdays.

General Overview

The original story is about Kinomoto Sakura, a young girl who opens a strange book in her father's library and lets loose all number of magic cards. The guardian of the cards, a cute little flying lion, wakes and charges her with capturing all of the cards she let loose. This guardian, Kero-chan, makes her the official Card Captor. She has a magical key which turns into a wand and allows her to capture the cards. She uses the cards she's already captured to help her capture the rest. Li Syaoran (A Chinese name, pronounced in the original as Shaoran) is a descendant of Clow Reed, the man who created the cards, and so wants the cards for himself. Sakura is helped along the way by her friend, Tomoyo, who loves to video tape everything Sakura does related to being a Card Captor and designs outfits for her to wear each episode. Also along for the ride is Sakura's brother, Touya, and his friend, Yukito. Sakura lives with her brother and her father, Fujitaka. Her mother died when she was little.

Now, of course lots of this gets changed in the dub version, and we'll get to that as each episode reveals itself. Japanese names are mispronounced and other characters get new names. Sakura is now part of a 'team of friends' who try to capture the cards. This includes, if we are to believe the announcer; Tomoyo, Li-kun, and this Chinese chick who shows up later. Oh, and probably Kero-chan too. The original opening is replaced by a cheesy English song opening explaining how wonderful these Cardcaptors are and mispronouncing Clow so it rhymes well for the song. And we also get a short introduction as to what the show's all about. Apparently North American kids can't figure it out by watching, like Japanese kids do. The ending animation is also cut. But so is Kero-chan's Corner. Apparently we're going to see a 'card of the day' thing, so we can make up for the first 7 episodes which were cut. Yes, cut. Li-kun doesn't show up until episode 8, so we have to get rid of those episodes where Sakura's busy acting alone and actually being fairly competent at it. (Contrast her to Sailor Moon, who has trouble finding her way out of a paper bag some days.)

Voice acting didn't make me cringe, maybe I'm becoming immune to it? Kero-chan's voice is entirely different, but well, it still kind of fit. For those familiar with Sailor Moon in the original, Kero-chan's seiyuu is Sailor Mercury. And Yukito's, while I'm at it, is Sailor Uranus'. Some of the background music and sounds were changed and they seem to be going out of their way to get rid of some of the Japanese writing that appears. Overall, I personally like it better than the DiC Sailor Moon dub, but not as well as the CWI Sailor Moon S dub.

For more detailed information and opinions, check the links below.

Episode Reviews

Episode 1 - Tori! Tori! Tori!
Dub entitled "Sakura's Rival". This is episode 8 in the original, wherein we meet Li. How badly do we have to cringe?

A Cherry Blossom by Any Other Name...
Alas poor Yukito. I knew him, Tomoyo. A rant on the changes made to character names.

The "official" page for Cardcaptors. There's a FAQ, episode synopses, movie clips, and a cel gallery. They're hogging some good cels there! No fair!
This is CLAMP's official site, the creators of Card Captor Sakura. It's in Japanese.

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