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Cardcaptors is only showing "the best 13" episodes of Card Captor Sakura, a 70-episode series. But instead of just skipping the "non-best" episodes, they're jumping around. You should know that some parts are being cut, and the Kero-Chan Check is gone. (Nelvana gives us the impression they'll be offering this as movie clips on their site.) The Kero-Chan Check is replaced by the narrator highlighting a particular card that day and showing us clips from episodes that were skipped. Rather frustrating actually. This table is accurate to the best of our ability. The links are to our review of the episode. Note: All the Japanese titles begin with "Sakura" something.

Order Aired Nelv. # Real # Nelvana Title Japanese Title Translated Title
1 1 8 Sakura's Rival Sakura no Rival Toujou! Sakura's Rival Arrives!
2 2 12 Time and Again Sakura no Owaranai Ichinichi Sakura's Endless Day
3 3 17 The Cave Sakura no Kowai Kimodameshi Sakura's Scary Courage Test
4 5 9 Double-Edged Sword Sakura to Fushigi na Brooch Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch
5 4 13 Power's Ploy Sakura to Zou no Chikara Kurabe Sakura and the Elephant's Strength Contest
6 6 20 The New Rival Sakura to Tatakau Tenkousei Sakura and the Fighting Transfer Student
7 7 25 Double Take Sakura to Mouhitori no Sakura Sakura and Another Sakura
8 9 30 The Race Sakura to Kega o Shita Kaado Sakura and the Wounded Card
9 10 31 Dragon Slayer Sakura to Namae no Nai Hon Sakura and the Nameless Book
10 8 26 No Way Out Sakura to Suteki na Sensei Sakura and the Stunning Teacher
11 11 32 The Switch Sakura to Kero to Shaoran to Sakura, Kero, Shaoran, and...
12 12 33 Ice Breaker Sakura no Samui Ice Skate Sakura's Cold Ice Skating

Pages used in the creation of this table: Doi's Episode Guide, Mahou Shoujo Anime Resources Episode Guide, Rabi's Episode Guide, and Nelvana's Episode Guide.

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